We provide comprehensive Orthopaedic solutions with best technology at affordable cost and supreme care.

Sun Orthopaedics was conceptualized and founded by Dr Dharmapal GK in 2009, started our journey with an exclusive orthopaedic clinic at Mathikere with a vision to provide top quality best orthopaedic care. With encouraging results and demands Sun Orthopaedic Hospital was started in 2013 to provide comprehensive Orthopaedic solutions with best technology at affordable cost and supreme care.

Today Sun Orthopaedic Hospital stands one among the best orthopaedic hospitals in Bangalore, Sun Orthopaedics caters to patients from all parts of Bangalore and neighbourhood. We also are destination of choice for patients from far off places of Karnataka, other states and neighbouring countries too, the USP being our dedication, commitment, results and affordability.

Sun Orthopaedics added another unit at Vidyaranyapura, Sun Orthopaedic Centre in February 2020, with goal of providing a top-class orthopaedic care along with best sports physiotherapy unit. 

Sun Orthopaedics being steered under the able leadership of Dr Dharmapal GK and ably supported by our team of doctors, physiotherapists and staff are in the fore front of providing care to all orthopaedic conditions.

Our concept of treatment

We believe most orthopaedic problems can be treated with activity modifications, diet changes, exercises and with some food supplements.

 For us to recommend surgery, it has to be an absolute indication.

Surgery is the last option with us.

We are a busy outpatient unit caters to approximately 1600 patients per month and about 45 to 50 speciality orthopaedic surgeries a month – ARTHROSCOPY AND JOINT REPLACEMENTS.

Sun Orthopaedics specializes in management of shoulder and knee conditions ranging from injuries to degenerative conditions with best results.


  • Outpatient department
  • In patient rooms
  • Post-operative care
  • Stainless steel laminar airflow Operation Theatre
  • Highest level of sterilization methods
  • Top class equipment for all orthopaedic procedures
  • Physiotherapy centre
  • Orthotics and pharmacy
  • Well trained and efficient staff


  • Dr Dharmapal GK – Director & Chief, Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Dr Jayaraja HS – Anaesthesiologist
  • Dr Giriraja – Physician & Diabetologist
  • Kusuma – Physiotherapist
  • Dr Sandeep Patil V – Orthopaedic surgeon
  • Dr Rajaneesh B – Orthopaedic surgeon
  • Dr Gurucharan S – Orthopaedic surgeon
  • Kusuma NR – Physiotherapist
  • Hebsiba Flower ​- Physiotherapist
  • Meghana ​- Physiotherapist
  • Narendra P ​- Physiotherapist

Our Mission

To Provide Top Notch Orthopaedic Treatment with Latest Technology and Empathy to All Our Patients, To Optimise the Recovery and Bring Happiness Through Our Professional Reach.

Our vision

We Are Committed at Providing Best Comprehensive Orthopaedic Solutions That Should Satisfy Every Patient, Who Can Walk Out with A Smile Filled with A Confidence to Recover to The Fullest and Earliest.

Our Objective

To Provide All Our Patients with Adequate Knowledge About Their Conditions and the Best Possible Treatment with the Best Practices with Adherence to Evidence-Based Medicine.

Our Goal

To Deliver Best Results, To Fulfil Our Commitments.

Our Values

Honesty, Commitment, Dedication, Integrity and Professionalism


  • Best surgeon and best team
  • Experience of more than 10000 surgeries
  • Vast experience in ligament reconstructions and meniscus repairs, total knee replacements, shoulder arthroscopies
  • Stainless steel operation theatre with laminar airflow
  • HD arthroscopy camera systems [Stryker, Smith & Nephew]
  • CDC approved infection control guidelines and practices
  • In house ETO sterilizers for infection free surgeries
  • Best equipment to ensure best results
  • Top MNC implant choices for TKR with expected longevity up to 30 years
  • Small incisions for less pain and rapid recovery
  • Keyhole incisions and No-Suture surgeries
  • Ably supported by physiotherapy team for best rehab
  • Expert home care physiotherapy
  • Best equipment – safest hands – unsurpassed results