Dear patient the information provided to you is based on the evidence-based literature and our experience with the intention of providing insights into your condition its symptoms and treatment available.

What is Lumbar Spondylosis?

It is the process of normal wear and tear of the disc, where in the disc loses hydration and become stiff and doesn’t function anymore as a shock absorber of the vertebra. Eventually reducing the space for the spinal nerves, spinal cord also causes osteoarthritis of facet joints.


What is the cause?

Ageing, also people with weak bones, poor genetics, smokers, poor lumbar musculature, people with high physical demands and people with spinal deformities develop early lumbar spondylosis.

What are the symptoms?

Low back pain, radicular pain in the lower limb which increases on walking and standing and reduces on sitting and lying down, weakness and/or numbness in the legs.

What is treatment?

We at Sun Orthopaedics treat conservatively as the first line. Most people get better with activity modifications, exercises and medications.

What is the indication for surgery?

Chronic low back pain with associated radiculopathy not relieving with medical management.

Activities to be avoided?

Avoid sitting for long hours, sitting on the floor, sitting on the sofa, lifting heavy weights, participating in sports and avoid long distance road journeys. Since many people ask me about yoga – yoga, though being a very good exercise PLEASE DON’T DO DURING ACUTE PAINFUL SITUATIONS.

Is walking permitted?

Walking is a good core exercise which has many benefits and recommended during early stage

Role of bedrest?

There is a limited scope for bed rest, which works against us. It weakens the muscles and bones, so a big no for bed rest.