Orthopaedic trauma services:

At Sun Orthopaedic Hospital we have a complete team of orthopaedic, general, plastic, neurosurgeons and physiotherapists to provide dedicated care.

For simple fractures which are stable ones, plaster care is provided on an out patient basis. Surgeries are indicated for a few selected fractures.

We handle all kinds of paediatric and adult trauma, open and closed fracture management, hip and pelvis fracture management, upper and lower extremity surgeries and spinal trauma.

We have successfully dealt and deal with non-unions and mal-unions of fractures. We use latest technologies available to achieve excellent results in all our cases.

Our surgeries are always abreast with latest technologies and result oriented.

Limb lengthening & complex limb reconstruction services:

We have latest technological advancements today in limb lengthening and limb reconstructive surgeries. We use wire fixators and orthofix external fixators to achieve the goal. The usage includes infected non-union, shortening of bones following neglected trauma, to correct angular and rotational deformities.